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    LFG 2 Players looking for a DM 5E GMT

    FG License: I have Ultimate and my friend has the demo version
    Time Zone: We are both GMT
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: We are looking for weekly games that run from anytime between 6pm - 12pm on Mon-Fri except Wednesday
    Term: Long Term Preferable
    Voice: We both have Discord and mics

    Game System Preferred: We are looking for DnD 5E
    Game System Experience: We have only played 5E with me being a forever DM currently running two games with my friend being a player in both.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I am super familiar with FG Unity and Normal, I currently use Unity to DM on and my friend is also familiar with both

    Character Type Preferred: We both don't have a preference and are happy playing whatever.

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    I would be interested in joining as a player.
    Time zone: Norway GMT +1
    FG License: Ultimate
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly suits well. Preferably after 9pm GMT+1
    Term: Long term sounds good
    Voice: camera and/or mic

    Game System Experience: I've DM'd one and a half 5e campaign (LMOP and TOD) with family and friends, but finding myself too busy to dm currently.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: About a year experience, but never played online.

    Character Type Preferred: Love playing a wizard.
    About me: I've been into board gaming since early teens. First experience being with 2nd edition, didn't play for a long time after that. Got back into dnd about two years ago. Gamewise I'd sau I prefer a mix of both plot and combat based game 50/50. Having fun and joking both in and out of character is kind of the real fun, but I have no problems with grimdark setting or horror games.

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