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    unnamed tabs_charsheet in MoreCore record_char.xml

    I'm attempting to build a MoreCore extension, but \campaign\record_char.xml contains a tabs_charsheet with no name. Doesn't this make it impossible to replace or delete this element via merge? The tabs_charsheet in the 5e record_char.xml by contrast is named, making it easy to apply a merge rule to it without needing to replace the entire file. (This is still pretty new to me, though, so it's possible I'm missing something.)
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    If this is specific to MoreCore, probably better to post in the MoreCore ruleset thread.

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    Im guessing that when I did that part of the ruleset it was also unnamed in CoreRPG
    Right now you would replace the whole charsheet definition but I will check it out and update it soonish

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    Actually, it looks like simply redefining the tabs_charsheet with the desired omissions effectively replaced the tabs in the base file, even without specifying a name. I guess a windowinstance can only have one set of tabs, maybe, so the new one just automatically replaced the existing one despite not having a name to match on? IDK, but I'm happy it's working as-is!

    ETA: Oops, I stand corrected -- it looks like both sets of tabs are there, it's just that mine are on top of the old ones so they're hard to see.
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