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    Can't get ATK effects to work with IFT?

    For both IFT effects and targeted ones, it just doesn't want to count any kind of ATK or AC bonuses.
    I can get it to register DMG bonuses, but as you see above, it very much counts the Cannibal's attack as a 16 instead of the 46 you'd think. The [EFFECTS +30] seems to be purely cosmetic.

    Anyone know of a workaround?

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    Hi and welcome

    I do not see any screenshot to which you seemingly refer Would surely help to understand what you are doing (also beware that IFT effects for DMG and ATK are shown in the second chat message when it is applied to a target)

    Do you use any extension? If yes, then please try without again

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    A eluded to by @Kelrugem - conditional ATK and AC effects don't change the attack roll, but they are taken into account when calculating the success/failure of the attack.
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