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    Soul Knife Issues

    I have a 3rd level rogue in my party and he has taken the soul knife sub-class and to make his life easier I went and added the Psychic blades to his character sheet. When doing so the information tab box appears to be disabled this is where you click to get some of the properties of the weapon. I have added a snipe it to this post. I also had some issues where the psychic blades were disappearing from the character sheet but that appears to be not happening. Also, FG does not recognize this action as a magic attack for the purpose of overcoming resistances IO had to add that my self.
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    All right the added Psychic blades disappeared from the weapons section so frustrating.

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    The Laboratory is for discussion of the public test build. Which there is none currently. Hence very few people will see posts here.

    If this is unique to a specific ruleset, please post in the sub-forum for that ruleset. If it is not, then please post in either the Classic or Unity House of Healing as appropriate for which version of FG you are using.


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    The link to the item details is empty for the psychic blades because they were added directly as weapons; and not generated from an item entry. So, there is nothing to link back to.

    If you delete an inventory item entry, it will remove any automatically generated weapon entries. Any manually added weapon entries should not be removed unless you specifically delete them.

    I'm assuming this is 5E, so I'm going to move this topic there.


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