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    Echo Knight Effect

    Hi all,
    Looking for suggestions for handling the echo knight in FGU. Preferably things the player can do.
    Is there any effect that would switch positions of two tokens?
    A player could control two characters, one of which would be the echo with one hp. The player could heal the echo to re-summon it after it was killed, but how to make it invisible while it is not summoned? Could the player have an effect that targets the echo and makes the echo invisible or visible?
    Other thoughts?

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    What ruleset? Ruleset specific questions are best asked in the specific sub-forum.

    That said, yes you can do two characters and the player can just skip over the actor when not appropriate, or the GM can remove it from the CT when not in use. Or you can make it as an NPC set friendly and give control to the player (along with Party Vision option) and then the GM can set it invisible as desired.

    Of if it's just 1 HP and acts when the player does (never heard of Echo Knight) you could do it like a spell (spiritual weapon, flaming sphere, etc) and just use a pointer or a token for it and the player just deals with it as needed.

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