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    As a player, how do I create a magic item in FG?

    I am new to Pathfinder 2e, Pathfinder Society 2, Fantasy Grounds, and online play in general. On my chronicle sheet I received some magic items from the Beginner Box; a wand of heal, belt of good health, a poisonous dagger, and other things.

    Can I create these things in FGU so that they will be automated? When I search for information, I get tutorials on how to use a forge feature, which is either a FGC thing or a D&D thing, I'm not sure which. I don't seem to have that as an option.

    I also see comments about coding the effects into the items. Where can I learn the syntax to do this?

    Can I drag and drop a heal spell onto a wand? If so, how exactly?

    Can I code a belt to increase my maximum and current health by 4? How would I do this?

    Can anyone explain these things to me, or link to a good resource on this topic that isn't FGC or D&D specific?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    Welcome to FG.

    As a player you generally can't create items or magic items. The only thing you can really create is your character. Magic items and the like is something that the DM has control over and it would be they who created them. However as a player you can create items in your inventory and you can create effects in your actions tab. To create an item in your inventory right click in the inventory window and select create item. Type in a name and then click the symbol at the end of the row to open the dialog where you can type in the information about the item. You can drag a spell into the notes section (the box below the Effect line); but all that does is create a link to the spell - it doesn't set up any actions etc.

    Actions are set up on the actions tab of the character sheet and you can set up effects here for when you use an item (if an effect can be set for the item). To create a new action you first set up a new group by clicking on the edit list button on the bottom right of the actions tab and then click on the star icon to add a new spell class. Give this class a name in the top box and add a number into the CL box and then a number into the C box next to level. Then click the green + sign. Add a name into the box and then right click on it and select add spell action and then add effect. You can now type in the effect you need. When you close the edit button you can also click the icon on the right to get a dialog which you can fill in with more information about the action.

    For your belt I think the best plan there would be to hover over the little + sign at the top right of the Max box on the first page of the character sheet; then, whilst holding CTRL, use the mouse wheel to add the 4 points.

    More information on effects are in the Wiki https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...PFRPG2+Effects
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    to follow up on Zacchaeus...
    one of the really nifty things you can do with the actions tab, is to create "items" that have are your normal items with spell or feat/ability effects on them - example, someone casts magic weapon on your short sword, for the next 10 rounds your short sword is a striking short sword - but it isn't always one
    so, you have your normal short sword entry in the actions tab, with 1d6 damage and whatever your hit odds are - and then you can create "magic weapon" short sword, for example - then, when someone casts magic weapon on your short sword, use the new entry - also works for rangers and their hunted prey once per round precision damage, and a lot of similar situations - remember to manually edit the item bulk down to 0 (otherwise, you'll end up taking the bulk cost for a whole 'nother short sword that you're not actually carrying) - I find it's a quick way to make on-the-fly adjustments to weapons in combo with certain spells and powers

    I know this doesn't really solve your original problem, but Zacc is again right - the GM can "make" new magic item entries - in fact, they have to (in my case, every time I want to give my players a +1 weapon or striking or whatever, I have to duplicate a normal item, then copy paste some of the text and features from an actual magic weapon and "adjust" the new magic's a real pain right now, but there aren't, for example, separate entries yet for +1 longsword, short sword, greatsword, etc...there are only a few specific magic items and weapons depending on modules you might have with specific parcel entries - everything else has to be copy pasted and edited

    and then there's the actual "coding" option, which might, for example, allow your gm to "make" a belt that added 4 hp to your character - but when it comes to coding, I'm out...more time and effort than I can currently afford to spend

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    You can create items but only on your character sheet

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