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    Custom Spell/Ability - how to show table results in chat after a roll?

    Hello, so as a player I have a DCC character using the custom "Murder Hobo" class. It uses something called a "Hobo Die" where you roll 1D6, an even result gives you a bonus, an odd result gives you a penalty. I created an Ability for this that rolls a D6, and while the result of the die roll shows in chat I'd like to have the effect shown like when spells are cast. There was a previous thread where someone asked how to do this and the original poster was given an extension to make it work:

    However, in the later replies someone says "The current version of the DCC ruleset can parse the casting table results from the spell description."

    I've tried creating a table in the "Hobo Die" ability description, but when I roll it does not show the results from the table. Am I formatting this wrong? Does the DCC ruleset not parse the description? Does the GM need to create a real table, and if so how can I link it to my custom Ability?

    hobo die 1.png
    hobo die 2.png


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    I can't see why that doesn't work, the only thing I can think of is you may not have the "Chat: Show Casting Table Result" box ticked in the settings window.
    You would need the GM to do that.

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    Follow up - I was able to get this to work after the casting tables were added to Powers/Spells (link below). However, I needed to make sure the Check base was "Sp Chk +" and not "Ability" or "Fixed".

    casting table.png

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    Hi Broadhurst, glad you figured it out. Currently the ruleset only looks for a casting table with spell groups, not abilities. I'm planning an update that will allow you to build a results table for an ability (not just a spell), and then the ruleset will no longer discriminate between the two. Shooting for March 2021 on that...

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