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    Hide Dying Condition Status 5E

    I have players roll a hidden death save to build suspense in my game. The player that rolls it knows the result just by looking at their own sheet, but they keep it quiet from the rest of the group in terms of results. What I have seen in FGU is that the Dying condition increments upwards with each fail Dying (1) Dying (2), which makes it easy for players to see what succeeded or failed in both the combat tracker and by token status. I am looking for a simple extension that removes the (1) or (2) off of Dying. I do not want to shut off health condition status or the combat tracker.

    I've brought this up before a while back and did not get a response. I would even be curious to know (from any of you that are developers) how easy it would be to suppress this condition indicator. It's 100% tied to the death save status check boxes listed on the character sheet.

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