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    Desktop size adjustments?

    Can we change the size of the desktop. The PC FGII is running on is set at 1024x768 and FGII always take all the screen, I would like to be able to diminish the size of the desktop to a smaller size so that we still can use some other application when FGII is in window mode.

    Also is there a way to say that we want FGII to open in window mode by default on smaller screens. On my other PC since the screen is bigger it always default to a window mode.


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    I will point out that having a minimum screen size helps out ruleset developers.

    For instance, the modern ruleset that I'm working with won't display correctly (or even would end up overlapping way too much) on a screen of 800x600 or less. So, for me, having 1024x768 be the minimum is a very nice aspect of things.
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    The default minimum size is 1024x768 for FG. I think there was a setting somewhere in FG1 to change this. I would write to tech support and ask if this is possible in FG2 e-mail is [email protected]

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