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    Feats and minimize questions

    Iím new to FGII and Iím trying to figure out a few things.

    1st It looks like you should be able to drag Feats over to the character sheet but I cant get them to drag over. Can you drag them over to a character sheet or personality and if so how?

    2nd On my Win 2K machine I canít get the minimize to work correctly. I can select minimize from the pop up menu but when I click on the minimize button at the top of the window nothing happens?

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    1) Feats do not drag into ablilites. I bet they will eventually but they just added that technolgy to the spells.

    2) The big FG destop does not minimize. It is something they say they will fix eventually but right now allowing FG to minimize would cause more bugs. If you minimize a storybook, personality or image it should go to a coin and then you just click the coin to maximize it.

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