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    Judge Dredd RPG - GW Version

    Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before.

    I'm thinking of resurrecting my old Judge Dredd campaign but for obvious reasons it would need to be on Fantasy Grounds.
    Has anybody done a conversion to FG of the original Games Workshop version of the game?
    I tried to start my own mod based on the WFRPG ruleset but couldn't get that to load (I'm on FGU) so now I'm stumped.

    Any ideas / pointers? (please don't say "use a newer version of the game" I have no interest in the Mongoose or WOIN versions).



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    I haven't heard of anyone building a Judge Dredd ruleset; but I would look at using MoreCore (or just plain CoreRPG).


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    Did you manage to find what you needed in the end?
    I used to read a lot of 2000AD years ago but did not realize there was an RPG based on the world.
    Sounds intriguing

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