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    This is my setup. I put Syrinscape Online player but in general during game I have also Spotify and MS Edge as I use various resources... there is no single place for all your needs. What is important for the "white" discord settings is to have all noise reductions and automatic gain controls disabled, as they interfere with the sound/music and sounds horrible or "breaking".

    I also disable all those crap on my Blue Yeti as the environment is controlled, silent and only enable if really necessary. If any of those settings are enabled, the voice is muffled and clarity reduced.
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    If you use any presentation type software, you can often route an audio source specifically where you need it. I use ManyCam for example. So I also use two Discord logins, my voice through my main install, and I use ManyCam to point the Syrinscape player output to the Discord PTB install on a second account. It still has issues however. I may end up running everything through my Ableton set up so I can use direct sound triggers and such with a launchpad, but that is a whole different can of worms.

    The more I tinker, the more I think it is a lot of system overhead, and often my players don't really want to use it. /shrug

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    I followed Rob's instructions and it is still working fantasticly:

    Twitch Tutorial Streaming Fantasy Grounds 1 of 4 - Syrinscape and Discord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U3TRoS3gpM
    Twitch Tutorial Streaming Fantasy Grounds 2 of 4 - Dulux-Oz Chat Sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_pejfDkn40
    Twitch Tutorial Streaming Fantasy Grounds 3 of 4 - Adding Music Before Your Stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTscbsNYHDE
    Twitch Tutorial Streaming Fantasy Grounds 4 of 4 - Adding Background Theme Sounds to Your Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmz_6mO9ksc

    Don't be fooled by the fact that it says Twitch Tutorial. Even though I don't stream, his videos have been very helpful to me - and the settings are working fine. Except for maybe the second video, all the tips were very useful to me.

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    I have a single PC setup that outputs desktop audio back into the discord voice channel without issues using Voicemeeter Potato
    Here's how I'm setup.

    Hardware Input #1 is my Microphone and it is connected to outputs B1 and B2
    My microphone is picked up by OBS on channel B1
    Discord input is set to B2 (I forget what that channel is called in windows)

    Discord's output (player voices) is set to VIAO3 and outputs to A1(Headphones)
    Desktop output (games sounds, syrinscape, itunes) is set to Voicemeeter AUX and outputs to A1(Headphones) and B2(Discord Input)

    I then set discord's playback to be voice activated and set it to be always open so that low points in the music don't struggle to trigger the noise threshold.

    This setup prevents me from routing player voices back into the microphone line in Discord causing a double up on their end.

    The biggest problem I have is being in a call for other things and forgetting to turn off B2 output on Voicemeeter Aux and playing game sound for people in the call, or forgetting to turn B2 output on and my players not hearing any sounds effects.

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    SashaJace and anyone else, I have written a tutorial for doing this without VoiceMeeter and using the VB-Cable Virtual Audio Device that would work in the background seamlessly. If you have Windows 10 latest version also you can plug the output of Syrinscape player right to the VB-Cable Virtual Audio device all the time so it would just work right out of the box.

    Also the way I have it setup you get really nice crisp clean audio, and it's in stereo through your discord connection.

    Check it out.

    note: You will need to own the discord server so you can setup the Bot for it, or be friends with the discord owner to help setup the bot, but the sound is superior and the setup is easier to manage.
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    I think all that is a little to technical for my tastes. If I understand the question you want to run soundeffects, music whatever and still be able to communicate without the players having to jump through hoops. My solution is Soundpad, you can pick it up on steam for about 15 dollars US. It lets me run sound effects music 3rd party narration on discord while I run the game on discord, you don't need two channels, two computers or a bunch of tech settings, easy peasy.

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