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    Star Wars RPG Supported?

    I have been talking with several of my buddies around the U.S. and we would like to get a campaign stared in Star Wars but I have looked through the store and around the forums and can not find any supported content?

    We used to play the old West End games version and then switched to the D20 system around the time of DnD 3.0-3.5.

    Anyone have any suggestions or can point me in the right direction to do something like this on FG?

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    You won't find content, only rulesets. Star Wars IP is extremely difficult to get a license for. Without a license, content can not be distributed. You'll need to create it yourself. If you need help selecting a ruleset, let us know, there are several different to chose from.

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    Johniba is working on the Genesys version of Star Wars, which is the best Star Wars rpg I've ever tried. It's come along way and definately worth a try.

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    I read everything about the Star Wars system project and the big thing with some people that I talk with it's that just ffg system is worked! not everyone like this system.
    Could be nice just to be able to take the system 3.5 and just change the skills list and get rid of the spells to be able to work with it nicely!!!
    If I could write it it would be done a long time ago!!!

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    You can try a 5e version. I haven't yet seen a good working 3.5/Saga ruleset on FG yet. I like FFG's version best myself but the 5e version does like nice.

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    I did try the 5e ed! I dont really like the system. And just to correct 3.5 edition is not the saga edition!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin2301 View Post
    I did try the 5e ed! I dont really like the system. And just to correct 3.5 edition is not the saga edition!
    Yeah I know. The Saga Edition was much improved over 3.5 - I have all those books.

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