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    The same old stuff?

    I've been sifting through the calander looking for games that might be running for me to get into, but checking through a lot of the resources I see a lot of these games haven't been active for a year or more.

    Is there not a process to clean up the calander of old/inactive games so that the calander is a bit easier to view for new comers, such as myself?

    Other than the clear invite I got to one game, I'm not certain what is new and what is old on the site.

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    You can't delete old games on the calendar so many are just abandoned. Setting times in the game does not seem to work for the owner either. I think you will have more luck watching the Guild messageboard and then going to a listing if they use the calendar here. The nicest feature was the time thing and with it not working right many just use a group somewhere else.

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