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    AC Effect Tied to Spell

    This is probably me not formatting something correctly but....

    I'm trying to add to the Protection From Evil spell, specifically the part about Extraplanar creatures not being able to physically attack a character. So, I added the 'Extraplanar' type to various creatures (demons, devils, elementals, etc.) and I added this as an effect to Protection From Evil:

    Protection From Evil; IFT: TYPE(Extraplanar); AC: 50

    It's not perfect but, it does mean they will miss, except on a nat 20 which still shows up as an automatic hit. I can just ignore those. The question is how do I get it to apply to melee attacks only?

    On the reference page, it suggests that AC can have a range (melee or ranged) associated with it but, I tried various things and couldn't get it to work.


    Modifier Value Descriptors Notes
    AC (N) [range] (T); Armor class
    MELEEAC (N) [range] Melee armor class modifier.

    AC: 2 (applied to both melee and ranged)
    AC: 2, melee (is not applied to melee or ranged)
    AC: 2 melee (is not applied to melee or ranged)
    AC: 2 (melee) (is not applied to melee or ranged)
    AC: 2 [melee] (is not applied to melee or ranged)
    AC: 2 [melee 2] (is not applied to melee or ranged)

    I also saw the MELEEAC modifier and thought that would be a solution but, it doesn't seem to work within the context of a condition.

    MELEEAC: 2 (applied to melee but not to ranged)

    Is there any way that I can apply an effect to a spell (Protection From Evil in this case) that would allow me to cause an Extraplanar creature (or summoned creature...I need to add that as a condition) to miss on a melee attack but, be able to hit on a ranged attack?


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    Armour Class isn't something that you can add modifiers to like melee or ranged. It looks like the MELEEAC would do that (or something - not familiar with this ruleset) but since that effect doesn't have a (T) beside it then it isn't a tartgettable effect which can be used with an IF or IFT statement.
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    Does anyone know how I might go about being able to make a modifier targetable? In this case MELEEAC so that I could create something like this: "Protection From Evil; IFT: TYPE(Extraplanar); MELEEAC: 50"? Is there an xml file in an extension or mod that I could tweak to make it work?

    Or, is there a modifier that would block melee attacks completely (I don't see one but, maybe I missed it or the documentation is missing something)?


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