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    Quick AD&D and 2E ruleset questions?

    I want to buy and run the B1: Keep on the Borderlands module, but which says 1E on it. I can't find a 1E ruleset for sale though, is the 2E PH, MM, DMG what is used to run B1?
    I only played AD&D and then 3.5e, and now 5e. Is the 2E ruleset the same or close to the original AD&D set at least in FG?

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    In general terms, 1E and 2E, are functionally the same. Anything made for 1E works in 2E, as 2E was designed with backward compatibility in mind.

    To answer your question: Use the 2E PH, MM, and DMG to run the B1 adventure.

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    Awesome, thank you very much!

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    You are quite welcome. Have Fun!

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