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    Monster & Treasure Tables

    What do I need to buy to see the tables 1.0, 2.0, 3.0-3.7, & 4.0 ?

    I read in another thread that they were under development and a bit clunky to put into the FGU dice system. But is there a book I need to buy to see the tables to roll manually?

    I have just purchased Classic Monsters & Treasure as well as Monsters & Treasure of Airhde. Am I looking in the wrong places? Do I already have those tables in the game?

    I mean I have them from Drive Thru RPG purchases, but I really like the idea of keeping everything in one place. I guess I could cut and paste them from the PDF's and drop them into FGU as a personal resource, however, I am a lazy person and would hate doing this if I already have the tables available.

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    They're in the Monsters & Treasure reference manual in the Treasure chapter to read them and roll manually. I never did figure out a clean way of getting rollable treasure tables. Bare minimum, I'd be looking at creating 72 additional tables just to handle each roll and since FG tables don't let us pass values from one table to the next... it's just a huge mess the way TLG designed their treasure tables.

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    OMG thanks, not sure how I overlooked something so obvious. *embarrassed*
    And really appreciate the fast response over a holiday!

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