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    Keeping track of the "chance to learn"


    I see on "chance to learn" on the Spells tab. Just:

    III Spell Lists III Type III Base? III Level III Chance III

    Where do I keep track of the invested development points? Is this a rule change I don't know about?


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    In the "Primary Skills" list there is a skill called "Spells" made just for this purpose.
    Just add it to your skills, rename as needed and set it's progression to "Base". You might also want to add the corresponding stat to it if you are using that optional rule as well.

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    I keep track of DP spent that way, by duplicating the spells section and creating multiple Base/Open/Closed A/B/etc. picks.
    On the Spells tab, I type in the tallied % of however many DP converts into and add my magic stat(many GMs allow adding this without spending full 20 ranks in one spell list first).

    If I make that portion of a list, I type that into the Level column on the Spells tab, and any subsequent development for later ‘picks’ has a number posted once more, knowing results of ‘101’+ gets the next list portion on top of what is known.
    so 10 in the first column means I know up to 10th level in that list, and 35 in the second column means I need a roll of 66+ to learn the next set of spells(D pick for Base Lists, etc.).
    Doubleclicking the space with the percentage number inside of it will roll dice for Spell List Acquisition.

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    Ofc! Thank you!

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