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    LFP 1 or potentially 2 more players

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    FG License: FG Unity Ultimate
    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time, USA
    Day of week and time: Sundays starting at 12pm to 5pm. When Daylight savings starts, it will be from 1pm to 6pm and return to the original time when daylight saving ends.
    Planned Duration and Frequency: 4-5 hours weekly.
    Term: Long term, this campaign will likely last atleast 1-2 years if not 3.

    Text or Voice: Mic required.
    Voice Software: Discord
    Streamed or recording: No

    Roleplay and Combat mix: 70/30 generally speaking, but some sessions end up with alot more combat or dragged out here and there due to miscalculations
    Numbers of players in game & needed: 3 players in game. Need 1 more players.
    Character starting level: Level 5 with starting equipment and 2 uncommon magic items. To be discussed with DM. Starting gold will be increased as well.
    Current Classes Taken: Ranger (melee), Wizard, Barbarian and a Life Cleric.
    Character Restrictions: The setting generally has all races who are "civilized" look more human-ish. Basically, if you choose to be a tabaxi as an example, you'll retain the tabaxi's racial traits, but you'll look like a human with cat ears. You'll generally be playing as one of these races. You can play races such as an elf or dwarf as well too and the like. Monsters races or other races like Dragonborn and Aasimar are restricted.
    I do allow homebrew races if I deem it balanced. I will/may nerf them or maybe buff them as needed if it becomes an issue later. I may include homebrew feats made between yourself and me, and weapons/items. Generally, no homebrew classes. I also have Players handbook, Volo's guide (though most races you'll be choosing from is from the PHB, unless we go with homebrew or something), xanathurs guide, Dungeon master guide, and tasha's cauldron of everything.

    Details of your scenario: Terra, a world named after the goddess, Terra, once held five nations on 3 separate continents. Now only 3 nations have survived on the one remaining land. These countries are Melromarc, Uruk, and Vermillion
    The two others nations, became destitute by a single man, the King of the Netherworld. He is known throughout the world as the Dark Lord. After the two nation's fall, the Dark lord disappeared without a trace.

    It's a heroic type of adventure, so it would be preferable to make a character who's more likely to help a person in front of them than not. If you're character is of the more cautious type, that should be fine too.


    We're about 3 months of sessions in.

    Ps. The world is heavily inspired by anime really.

    My Discord is Nia#5294
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    Hello! I'm looking for a weekly group if you still have a spot open. I will probably respond faster if you send me a message on Discord. Anarkos#5943

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    Hey Im interested in playing and I would like to hear more about the game. Ive never played over FGU and I only have the demo at the moment. DM me on discord Attabaton#9422

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    I am interested but new to d&d and FGU. I have been looking up some stuff online.

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    If your still looking for players I am interested. I've played D&D a lot 5e not as much know the basics and can play what ever character type the game needs. Good w FG and Discord.

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    Hi, i would like to join, im new to D&D in general but i know how it works and i know what i want to do, dm me of i can join anotherguy#4630

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    HI , If you're still looking for a player I would like to join. I've played D&D From 1980 to present. can play whatever the party needs, prefer a rouge or wizard.

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    i dont mind joining my only issue is Aasimar are more human looking then monsters note its not like i want to be an Aasimar just pointing that out
    age: 31
    Experience : bin playing dnd since dnd 2
    personality : pretty chill guy work well with others and i do like to joke around here and there

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