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    So the condition is ALWAYS applied even if the new roll is SUCCESSFUL?
    And after is fine, you get said condition from the effort of retrying.
    Yes, even if you are successful in pushing the roll you still end up with a condtiion. What condition is an RP decision between the player(s) and GM. And after pushing the roll you could end up Broken.

    Also, it's possible to end up with 2 conditions after pushing a roll. One for pushing and if the trouble (I keep saying challenge) dictated you received a condition on failure of the reroll.

    Edit: I was mistaken, you can push a successful roll as well to get more successes. Page 71 in the PDF (69 in the printed book).
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    A friend did this theme extension that completes the ruleset with a sidebar, combat tracker and more . It only works in Classic for the moment. In Unity it has some issues with the fonts and the assets button is the original one. Making it work in Unity would be great if someone is willing to help.
    Or maybe everything can be integrated in the ruleset
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    Nice work @Dammned!

    I'm trying to understand the roll dice script because I want to use it in an adaptation for another ruleset (Fanhunter), but I can't see where you apply the conditioner so that it only takes into account the 6.

    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    3. The way rolling works is: Double click the Skill score and if appropriate the Item score, and then Double Click the D6 at the top of the page to roll. If you make a mistake, Double clicking the Skill will clear the Roll and start again. Conditions and Attributes are auto added.
    I have seen that in the charsheet.xml the statement DiceRollString = "{self} d6s6"; but if I change it to DiceRollString = "{self} d6"; continues to indicate the successes that are 6.

    Where should it be changed to make the sum of the D6 values?

    Thanks for all!
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    There will be some code somewhere that looks like this:

        for k,v in ipairs(rRoll.aDice) do
        --  Iterate through all dice rolled (explosions)
            if rRoll.aDice[k].result == 6 then 
            --  Test if the DICE is a 6

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