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    Connection Issues with FG 2

    I am trying to play in a game with a friend of mine and every time I try to connect to him I get the message that states "Could not connect to host Check address or alias..." He can connect to me but I cannot connect to him. Any suggestions? Is it my machine or his or both or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    His ISP might not allow him to run programs like that over his connection. I had that very same issue recently and had to purchase a static IP address. It was only $5 a month more, but well worth it for me to be able to host FG games, Starcraft, Warcraft, NWN2, and similar stuff.

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    I am using XP and he is using Vista, any suggestions besides buying a new address?
    Why would he be able to connect to me if it was an IP issue?

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    Sounds like a firewall/router issue. Make sure he has port forwarding set up on his router to forward port 1802 to the machine he's hosting the game on. See this FAQ for more info.

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    I don't know why it would be an IP issue, but that's what solved my problem. I went through every firewall and router I could find in my network/computer and forwarded / opened every port required in multiple places. Nothing worked until I got a static ip from my isp.

    Once I got that, I forwarded the ports using my routers software and made sure the windows software firewall was set to accept traffic through those ports and Shazam!!, it worked.

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    Try: FG Knowledge Base - Firewalls

    Search is your friend. (port forwarding, firewall, network, etc.) You can get the basics from the forums. (There are actually a few threads that are pretty extensive.) If after that you are having trouble, you will be able to post with information about what you have tried and you will know what information you should provide so that those that are in the 'know' can help you out. Your system setup, etc.

    Good luck.

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    We Got It!!!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we got it by unplugging the router and simply connecting directly in to the computer and internet. Thanks a lot for all the help and advise, it was greatly appreciated!

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    Hrm, if that's all that was needed, you should just be able to go into the router and forward the 1802 / 1803 ports.

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