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    Where does Vehicle Weapons fit in the development cycle? There doesn't seem to be any way to add weapons to the Vehicle sheet or add to the combat tracker. Do people use vehicles in their campaigns?

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    The vehicles feature is incoming, I asked on the discord and the best way at the moment is to create vehicles as spacecraft at the moment so that they can be assigned to PCs and have the weapons workings too.

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    Awesome- I thought I just was doing something wrong- LOL.

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    A blank d66 table

    The addition of the modifier for the Vehicle Armor as per the Companion.

    The ability to mark combatants in the various trackers as Ship, Vehicle, and Person. Obviously, things will default to Ships in the Space combat tracker and things will default to Personal in the personal combat tracker.

    But having the dice upgrade themselves to the different damage level for the different scales would be /very/ nifty.

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