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    I don't expect an extension either. The list above was in response to someone asking me what i wanted in a character generator.

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    What future plans are there for adding some functionality and automation for generating
    Passengers, Freight, Mail and Trade goods and other stuff when visiting a spaceport?

    Here a few suggestion based on how it looks now:
    1. Systems Sheet, Spaceport tab: add button to auto add info from the Starport Facilities chart on page 257 (core book 2022).
    2. Trade Goods table: change it to generate a drag/drop Trade Goods item when rolling and not only text in chat.
    3. Systems Sheet, Trade tab: add the ability to drag/drop Trade Goods items. Now it wont accept Trade Goods items.
    4. Systems Sheet, Trade tab: add a button for GM to auto roll and add available Trade Goods from a supplier.
      A supplier will have all Common Goods available, the Trade Goods that match the world’s Trade codes and a quantity of randomly determined goods equal to the Population code of the world.
    5. Systems Sheet, Trade tab: similarly add a button for the players to generate Freight and Mail using characters Skills and World/Starport DM. Handel Freight and Mail like a Trade Goods item, just add destination and origin field to the Trade Goods items.
    6. Add a new Passenger tab on Systems Sheet and add button for Players to roll for Passenger using characters Skills and World/Starport DM.

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