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    L2P Starfinder Society Games

    Hola Peep!

    I am looking to play in some Starfinder Society Games. I'm fairly flexible most week nights (CST) if I am not traveling for work. I could make some weekend play, but prefer to reserve that time for family. I do have an ultimate license for both FGC and FGU with most of my experience being a DM/GM in FGC. Also I am pretty well versed in SFRPG... mostly playing as a Ysoki Mechanic.

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    You may get lucky and be able to find an existing group.

    Most open Society games are however on the weekend - timezones make it pretty tricky to schedule something workdays, especially as the FG SFS size is not that large.

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    yeah I get it. I'm try to make it when I can. Really excited at getting a chance to be a player since I am almost always the GM.

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