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    Abridged & Full SPC definitely need to be resizable vertically and allow the frames that contain the skills & advantages to adjust dynamically.
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    Larger text boxes is the main thing for SPC and abbreviated SPC boxes.

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    Hey, I just bought vampire today and I'm having a play with it now.

    What seems a very obvious issue to me is that both in the dark and light themes the text is impossible to read in some places because it is white on cream. Would it be possible to update these texts to e.g. a dark red or give it a black outline?

    I'm sure this would be easy to do myself. Does anyone know what I need to edit? I assume even if I edit this for myself my players will still have the same issue though.

    I also agree with the comments above. the SPC's are squashed. I've also found them quite buggy. I can't seem to get the plus symbols to work so I can roll *attribute* + *skill*. Dragging out the token brings up a full working sheet, however it is not filled in. Filling the sheets manually does seem to save, however having to do this for each SCP is unappealing. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


    I can sort of see how the SCP functions(ish) now (is it meant to be NPC???). The fact that it is squashed is less of an issue if it's just meant to be a basic template that you copy from.
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    Greetings Ockin,

    As far as reading the text goes, try adjusting the lighting of the ruleset in the top right corner, the little symbol that looks like a moon and cloud. There are four different lighting modes that should make it easier for you to see and read. THEMES are extensions that change what the ruleset normally looks like, and generally will not function perfectly in all rulesets. You may want to not use any themes, as there are currently no themes designed with VTM in mind specifically.

    SPCs do in fact replace NPCs in other rulesets. The included Sample SPCs are indeed "blank" so that you can copy them and turn them into whatever you need them to be. By having the original locked, you are assured to always have a clean copy to build off of.

    To roll dice pools for SPCs click the plus sign beside the discipline, advantage, skill that you want to use. Then grab the dice beside the attribute you need, and drag it into the chat box to roll (or you can just double click the attribute die). The player character sheets function the same way in that the attribute dice should always be the "trigger" to get your dice pools to roll.

    In VTM we also have reference to a bunch of SPCs that just have general difficulty levels given. In this ruleset these, generic, SPCs are found in the Abbreviated SPC section. Abbreviated SPCs do not use actual dice pools as they are meant for quick encounters or disposable creatures.

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