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    yeah I should be available. What time on Saturday? Will it be a lvl 1 PC game?
    Typically our Saturday sessions have been at 1:30 PM EST. Stephan or whoever is GM’ing picks or puts a poll on the next SFS they will be running. Due to 3-01 being cancelled it my be an option. I will wait for Stephan to chime in.
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    Usually one public SFS game happens on FG most weekends. That being said, Decembers are always tricky. With the unique situation this year we were able to run a game until last week, late December however it seems unlikely that any games will fire.

    If there is overwhelming interest in the next few hours I'll take a look at what could be run but scheduling games within a bit over 24 hours had not had a lot of success so far. I know Robb wanted to run some newer SFS tier 1-4 scenarios soon, so I'll also check with him on what scenarios he plans to run in the future,

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    I will not be able to play tomorrow. I made a new PC and now I will just have to save it for next time.
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