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    Module Creation Unity vs Classic

    So in my attempt to create a custom critical hit/fumble module for my PFRPG campaigns I finally bit the bullet and attempted to edit a pre-existing mod in order to dip my toe into mod creation. I decided to make it in Unity although we still play in classic until our present campaign is done because.... who knows. Anyways I get everything put in just like I want it, export, load it into a new campaign, load the module, test fire and success!!

    Great! I'm now ready to reprogram Alexa to hack the Skip the dishes and eat for free for the next week. I just need to get it loaded for my Classic campaign and....... it is now saying I need to have the old module loaded that I based it off of.

    Is there a reason this wouldn't be back compatible with Classic if I originally made the mod in Unity?

    The original mod that I based it off of works in both.

    Any insight is appreciated.

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    FGU automatically converts FGC data to the format it needs and uses. FGC does not know anything about FGU data.

    If you want a module to be usable in both FGC and FGU, it must be created in FGC.


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    OK! Thanks for the info.

    Makes sense.

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