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    Is the ruleset in working order to run campaign?

    I have been asked to run “Fall of London” campaign, especially after it has been gifted and I must deliver excellent experience. This ruleset has the best visual appearance compared to the bleak alternatives, though there is one in Foundry that is quite good too. I have browsed the latest threads and I wonder to what extent the ruleset is working, clean of bad bugs.

    I really appreciate if someone can address concerns:
    • Are there broken parts that will prevent running a game?
    • What is the combat automation if any?
    • Does it work now in Unity or I have to run in a classic?
    • Any caveats or things I should be warned about?
    • Is it in development or we go into maintenance mode?
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    I ran a one-shot but really didn't find anything game-breaking. Some things I did find is after dragging the pc to the combat tracker, the token was the clan symbol. I tried dragging the portrait onto the where the clan symbol is on the combat tracker and it changed to the portrait, the clan symbols could get confusing on a map if you have more than one type. There really isn't much in the way of combat automation that I found, but combat is pretty abstract in V5. Rouse checks are automated, it will tell you successes, messy crits, etc ... with the die roll. Willpower works nicely with a pop up window that lets you select which dice you want to reroll then it gives you the full total for the roll, not just what you rerolled. Hunger dice are automated. I didn't come across any errors in my game. The ruleset seemed pretty polished and in good shape. It does look amazing as well, very nicely done graphics.

    I found that if you're using a discipline in a skill roll, click it's plus, then the skill plus and roll from the attribute ... if you click the discipline and attribute and roll from the skill it skips the attribute's dice.

    As far as development, there isn't much out there yet. I found it really easy to input the Lasombra and Banu Haqim and their disciplines. There are three more clans being released sometime in December with the World of Darkness Companion release which will be free on There was a post saying Anarchs was supposed to follow Camarilla but it's been sometime since Camarilla came out and no sign of Anarchs yet. Neither book has much crunch through and are mostly setting info so my hope was they'd get to Chicago by Night and Fall of London being that they have much more to offer from a VTT standpoint.

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    I've been running a campaign for the last two months, and have enjoyed it immensely. I have not encountered anything that is campaign or game breaking. I've actually started importing the Fall of London campaign material via copy and paste from the pdf. I've imported the Lasombra and their disciplines/powers in from Chicago by Night since that's what I'm currently running. Adding new clans, disciplines, and powers is fairly easy. It takes a bit to get familiar with it, but as you do, it's pretty great.
    • Have not found anything that breaks the game.
    • The combat tracker helps keep track of Health, Willpower, and Hunger, but there is not much automation to speak of. The way combat works in V5 doesn't really lend itself to more automation, I don't think. But maybe that's just the way I run it
    • I'm running it in Unity and it's pretty smooth.
    • It may take some time to learn how to use it efficiently, but if you love poking around it like I do, it's not difficult.
    • I think there is supposed to be more content coming, but honestly, with the ability to import anything you want, you can expand it for years.

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    vegaserik, pralix1138, thank you for sharing your experience and feedback! I am now seriously considering it, especially after there is sale on the store.
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    Great! I look forward to reading your experience with it! I think I'm gonna pick up the Camarilla add-on during the sale as well.

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    I have been running and playing in multiple games using this ruleset since shortly after it's release. The ease in adding your own content is amazing, and makes it completely customizable. So far I have added, Camarilla, Anarch, Fall of London, Cults of the Blood Gods, and working on Chicago by Night now.

    You may see some console errors when using Abreviated SPC sheets, but generally see fewer errors if you copy them before trying to use them in game(use the copied sheet not the original).

    Combat tracker is nice to see all your player stats, but as there is no "AC" to hit, ŕnd Initiative being determined by action/location instead of a number, it doesn't really add much to my games.

    Instead, I generally keep my player's character sheets pulled up so that I can easily see their status and quickly determine what dice pool will work best for their current situation.

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    SPC sheets can in some cases generate console errors, but they are easy to avoid:

    For normal SPC sheets: Make a template. Ignore any errors, as they will not reappear if you just make copies of that template. Don't ask me why - it just is.
    As for Abbreviated SPC's: Errors can be avoided by never ever locking it again after unlocking it. If you start locking / unlocking them, you will generate errors. Just leave it unlocked.

    It was reported ages ago.

    Those are my workarounds. This is FGC. Haven't really tried in FGU. In my opnion, it runs better in FGC for sure.

    I hope that helps.

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    I noticed the script error, this is not critical one I think. The devs didn't properly update the function that fails and it is obvious that the NPC sheets (short or long) are not OK as you can update text fields even on locked sheet. This is very easy fix but has to be done properly.
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    They need to hop on this fixes. This product seems very sloppy imo.

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    OK, Unity vs Classic? I have both licenses. Are there fewer issues in Classic?

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