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    Wednesday One-Shots: The Court of Bastards, LF 3-4, 5e

    EDIT: The date for this short module will be next Wednesday, 12/9, from 7-9 pm PST.

    THE COURT OF BASTARDS is a one-shot, escape or die, old-school mini-adventure, meant for 3 - 4 players. It is moderately challenging, so TPK is possible.

    Details below.

    FG License: FGU Ultimate
    Game System: 5e
    Day of week and time: Wednesday, 12/2, 7pm PST
    Planned Duration & Frequency: One shot, but may run weekly follow-ups depending
    Primary Language: English
    Video: Optional
    Audio: Yes, can do either Zoom or Discord (PM me which you prefer)

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay / Combat / Puzzle mix: 10 / 70 / 20
    Number of Players: 3-4
    Character starting level & equipment: 3rd level, one mundane weapon and mundane armor (light or medium only)
    Character restrictions: Monstrous humanoids only (i.e. Kenku, Lizardman, Minotaur)

    Player Experience Level: Any
    GM Experience Level: High
    GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: Moderate
    Roleplaying Level: Low - Moderate
    Mature Content (18+): Dependent upon group


    You were just minding your own business when they fell upon or eight of them. The crack to your skull didn't do lasting damage, just enough to find you alone in a dank, dark cell. The sounds of people milling about outside your cage. The shrill voice of a showman, announcing a "special treat" for tonight's honored guests -- that treat being you, the new "monsters" for his prisoners to fight. That's when you realize there's a weapon in your cell, and the doors to the arena are beginning to open...


    For this scenario, you will play as a monstrous humanoid species from the following sources only:

    Player's Handbook
    Dungeon Master's Guide
    Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
    Sword Coast Adventures
    Volo's Guide to Monsters
    Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    Unearthed Arcana

    As mentioned above, you will start with nothing except one mundane weapon, and one piece of armor.

    You may PM your character build info or pick from one of the following pregens:

    Cheat'ara, a female Tabaxi rogue (Scout archetype)
    Hork, a male Half-orc fighter (Champion archetype)
    Kribbel, a whatever floats-your-boat Kenku ranger (Gloom Stalker archetype)
    Minas Terroth, a male Minotaur barbarian (Path of the Ancestral Guardian)
    and Naked Joe, a male strongheart Halfling barbarian (Path of the Berserker), who is so hairy and ugly he got mistaken for a goblin by accident

    If you'd like to give it a run, or have any other questions, send a PM.

    See you in the Court,

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