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    Awesome Splinter stay tuned ����

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    Ok a party of 2 so far of hopefully 5 even 6

    I plan on writing a bit this Saturday to attract more players and to give you a real good idea of what to expect and might help you to decide what character to create. I personally don’t care outside of creating a character not able to carry a pack of gear

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    Any time Saturdays are good for me. I have never played D&D before. Is that okay?

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    I'd be down. Starting this Saturday?

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    I actually planned on starting this the beginning of January

    Also added details at the bottom of post #1
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    seekingone please look in your inbox here

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
    I'd be down. Starting this Saturday?
    TomServo I think it'll take a while to get the entire party all ready to go, just a guess would be the first weekend in January

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    If you could start at 9 pm I would be able too join.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorwin View Post
    If you could start at 9 pm I would be able too join.
    What time zone EST?

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