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    LFP Winds of the Realms

    Looking for a new player

    Saturday evenings 8pm EST

    Winds of the Realms
    See Post #2 for current players’ classes
    Currently session 11

    I guess it is fair to say I would like to find players of a certain type, players that want to Role Play their character, start as a Hero you are already and become a legend. Then it is fair to ask am I the GM you want to Adventure with from start to finish.

    This adventure is in Faerun, and will be A Dungeons & Dragons 5E (Character creation) Sandbox Adventure I call "Winds of the Realms"

    I know you are not going to flock here without a good reason so I've created a paraquel story which I hope will give you an insight on the adventure, and my imagination. Please note I am not a great writer by any means nevertheless I can still tell a story, and to begin this story there must be a character so I have created one for this purpose.

    My name is Leeric Pluckstring, player of the Loss Lute, just a Bard in the Forgotten Realms. Join me and I will tell you a story or play you a song if you like, come gather with me, listen to my words and feel better thereafter.
    Travel to the Forgotten Realms, just say my name in an Inn or Tavern and it will always grant you good fortune, utter it elsewhere and you be instantly bolstered and because of that I may someday be know as Great Bard Pluckstring.

    I am new to both DM and Fantasy Grounds UNITY that is not going to stop me from presenting you with an adventure you'll not soon forget. If I can find enough players that want to play an engaging adventure of Role playing a mix of traveling with scaled encounters, dealing with a tough Antagonist, his Henchmen and if we fail a Gargantuan or rather a Gigantic ending that doesn't have to stop there.
    An earlier version of this "story" had a tough Evil player in the background employed by the Antagonist set to stop the party anyway they could, and could happen again provided the the right players join this group.

    This is a Forgotten Realms campaign sandbox adventure set in 1492 DR but extremely flexible to allow the appearance of famous characters such as Elminster Aumar, Volothamp Geddarm to mention a couple. Cities like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter and Waterdeep are here. The Winds of the Realms will be a player driven story that starts players in the far East that must journey West to the Sword Coast then to Waterdeep. There is a lot going on in the Realms but just one thing is set upon you and your party.

    We will be using official D&D Realms lore with a few twists, so if you're familiar, there will be a few surprises. The plot starts out small, but the PC's will be able to interact with some of the most iconic Forgotten Realms movers and shakers and possibly rewrite its history and create the next chapter of the Realms Lore with your characters listed

    Saturday evenings 8pm EST
    Game started January 16 and uses Discord for voice and FGU the experience
    [U]We would play every Saturday 8pm EST until we are transitioning from one Realm to another Realm, in this case we will take that next Saturday off to prepare for this new Region
    I will obviously have audio and also video(if wanted), FGU Ultimate license and everything else needed for this adventure.

    informational posts 87, 33, 55, 56, 79,
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    Players and their Mounts:

    Wylynd Half Elf Ranger
    Silver Young Adult Male
    Caimry Champion of the Skies

    Lyssyl Hill Dwarf Cleric
    Copper Young Adult Male
    Izyss the Gifted

    Soren Half Elf Rogue
    Gold Young Adult Female
    Froty Fire Breath

    Arjhan Dragonborn Monk
    Bronze Young Adult Male
    Bravyrrai the Braveheart

    Vike Dreadblade Human Variant Paladin/Warlock
    Bronze Young Adult Male
    Talrit the Warrior

    Position Open
    Brass Young Adult Female
    Cikora Lady of Ice

    Recap of last session;
    Session 1 Recap
    The rain came and with the Spring thaw, almost everywhere but here in Thazalhar on the Trail of Tears flowers would bloom but here instead the long dead Warriors of the Mulhorhand-Thayan War unearthed within and outside of the Keep's Wall. It took some time but Arjhan, Soren and Lyssyl cleared the crop of unearth skeletons. Vike Dreadblade who has been Service of this Garrison for 6 months found what is believed to be the lost shrine of Ramathanhur, Sir Broast congratulates him and orders him home to assist with an undead Invasion. Arriving soon after drawing his sword against some skeletons seemingly breached the walls somehow and exclaiming since when did these attacks happen. Soon after another wave of undead began advancing on the Keep

    Wylynd and Tarnis pressed forward west until they came to a portal directly in line with the Undead invasion path. Tarnis motioning to get to it, once there, placed her hands on Wylynd's face, stepping back and acting out unrolling a scroll, the scroll she gave him earlier perhaps, Wylynd reads the scroll the looks up at Tarnis who extends her hand to him, he takes it and they entered the Portal together

    Previous Recaps

    Significant note regarding Recap
    Wylynd tracked Tarnis tracking something West of the Keep. Finding a Portal and going into it teleporting to Vangerdahast Aeiulvana (Antagonist) 4th story Tower at Waterdeep Castle about 2700 miles away from the Party

    Open Quest(s)
    Prevent the Summoning of Tiamat

    Notes regarding Quests:
    Main Quest Accepted

    Significant NPCs (Basic information) PCs reference your notes for detailed information:
    Leeric remains in Dracowyr to have further discussions with Lord Landril
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    Greetings. I am looking for a game but, I have a question. What days and times are you set to play?

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    I also am interested in joining a FR game.

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    hey i sent you a DM, im very interested! let me know

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    I found another game, but best wishes and great gaming to you all.
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    I started playing in 1977, yep I'm *cough cough* years old, and have loved the game ever since.

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    Interested depending on day and time.

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    I am interested also depending on the night and time.

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    Welcome everyone
    My apologies for not posting the time, I’m working Monday to Friday so Saturday evening is really all I have. Please respond if that works for you
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    Saturdays 8pm agrees with me. Splinter would be honored to join Leeric and fills his pockets with shiny coins.

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