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Thread: MERP Languages

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    MERP Languages

    Hey all,

    Pardon if this has been asked before. I did a search and a search for editing extensions. While I am a mushcoder, editing xml's is beyond me. So, to it then:

    Is there an 'easy' way to edit the excellent language extension listed above for RMC use by Ardem to list out MERP languages? It's jarring to our RP to see the languages used therein. Failing that, would someone who knows how to do this be interested in doing it?

    thanks indeed

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    I am not sure any font changes for Middle-earth could be made available publicly due to copyright issues. I have seen even regular fonts get pulled down because of copyright.

    If you download the .ext file, you can rename the .ext file to .zip, you can open it up and see how it is constructed. From there, replace all instances of one font with a different one (in the xml).

    There is a good extension tutorial here.

    Just make sure you use the correct font type. FGC uses FGF fonts (there is a converter out there somewhere), and FGU uses TTF fonts.
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    Thanks indeed!

    I just need to edit the names of languages in the current extension. That tutorial on extensions is beyond me heh.


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    You can also edit the languages within a campaign from the "Languages" button in the Settings window.
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    Hey, Trenloe

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