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    PSG! (Player seeking game... ^_^ )

    I've had FG I for ages and never used it. A friend said FG II was out, so I am in the process of updating it. Actually, it just finished. Anyway, I'm looking for a d20 fantasy campaign to join so I can learn the ropes.

    Sunday ~ 6pm EDT 'til whenever
    Tuesday ~ 6pm EDT 'til whenever
    Wednesday ~ 6pm EDT 'til whenever

    You can reach me through private messaging me on this forum or posting a reply here. Thanks for you time.

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    No one at all wants to start an early weekday campaign for us new plebes? ;_;

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    I have a game Mondays 7-11pm PST that another player or two... I don't know if that works for you. If it does email me at commisaro(nospamAT)shaw(nospamDOT)ca

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    I've been away from role playing for a few years and just picked up the core books for D&D 3.5 . I've also got the BVD and BED handy if needed. I'm eager to get back into a game. I don't mind hosting them, but I might want to play a few sessions first to get back into the swing of things before I GM again. It has been a while after all.

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