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    During the Kickstarter, I got FGC on sale then got the FGU upgrade. Used FGC until around January of 2020. Switched over to FGU and even with the bumps and bruises, I have not looked back. The core LOS is there (plus recent additions) - but it does need the lighting constraints, which from various posts is high on the enhancement list. Its really sweet to have access to all your images and token assets without having to load modules. While I am set up to get around the port forwarding on classic (I was travelling before all this and used VPN/Dedicated IP), it is really nice to have the cloud connection. Overall performance is solid (less of the 100% CPU issues). And everything just looks crisper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jed Shields View Post
    Hello all,

    I've been running FG Classic Ultimate for a little while now, completed DnD5e LMOP and currently working through Curse Of Strahd. I'm loving the system so far.

    I'm also a PC in a Roll20 Pathfinder 2e campaign and like the LOS system. I'm aware that this is available in the Unity version of FG and won't be coming to Classic. The current offer to upgrade is very tempting, roughly $80, 60. Is it worth the switch? What else does Unity bring to the table, and realistically, will the price get better than this?


    I started with FGU earlier this year. I picked up FGC during one of SW's sales afterward. Initially, FGU had its quirks but it appears to be smoothed out significantly. I am not sure if I am just one of the lucky ones or what but, I have not had any major issues with FGU. My initial problem with FGC was getting my network and laptop to port forward so I could host. Through the support of the community, I was able to succeed. With FGU, it worked right out of the box with no configuration needed on my part. I have DMed in FGU and played in FGC. The features of FGU are welcomed and, in my opinion, better than those of FGC. The LoS feature is really a great feature and does work well with masking. Dynamic lighting is not a sticking point for me, which seems to be a must have to some. My players do enjoy the LoS capability FGU offers.
    With only a few months of utilizing FG in any capacity under my belt, I would not change to any other system. Personally, I would recommend making the switch if your players and you have the hardware and budget to support it. I have noticed that SW and the supporting community does do a great job of listening to constructive feedback. I have reached out to the community on several occasions and received great resources, advice and assistance.
    I picked up FGC because my books and dice group did not have computers that would support FGU. Sadly, my books and dice group fizzled and many had neither the desire nor capability to go digital. But I did find other groups to join with. After playing both systems (albeit different rulesets) I do like FGU over FGC. My FGU D&D group are just as inexperienced at utilizing the program as I am. I know there are many features that we are not utilizing to the fullest that FGU has to offer. Though I can say that we are happy just being able to play our favorite RPG with everyone being geographically separated by sever hundred miles.
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    I am a brand new user to the VTT world of gaming. I did a lot of research on several platforms including this one. I have found FGU to be very powerful in its capabilities. My only problem, and this would hold true to all the other VTTs out there, is taking the time to:
    1. Read the Manual.
    2. Watch the plethora of youtube tutorials out there.
    and lastly, to read this forum and also to ask questions on this forum. In the less than a month I have been on this forum I have been helped not only by other players but also the Creators of this VTT format. I cant tell you how important and the impression it makes on you when the owners personally help you with problems. Also everyone has been very helpful and you can get a response usually within 24 hrs. That alone is worth FGU.

    Sincerely Aramis

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    Quote Originally Posted by allenw01234 View Post
    "really, it runs fine... if you have a good gaming-optimized PC... and if you don't mind the occasional 5, 10, or 15 minute wait in the middle of a game." If FGU really is smooth sailing now (assuming Windows 10 or 64-bit Macs), somebody let me know.
    I've been running my weekly game on FGU for a good few months now. The players are happy with the result and think it's better than classic. My PC is ~9 year old i5-2500k; there are occasional *pauses* when something complicated happens, but (so far) never any 5 minute waits . . . or even 1 minutes waits.

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