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    Quote Originally Posted by Galdor View Post
    I don't like to limit my choice of the dice colour in order to make movement visible. I liked FGC because displayed movement with a clear white number not overlapping anything..
    I don't like it either. As I said, it's a workaround to be able to see the number at all on the usually dark background.
    What I do like, as a GM, is that all pointers and borders around the active token are the same color as the character's dice. It helps a lot, especially when a player controls more than one PC. That only works if the players can agree on having separate die colors, of course.
    An option would be to be able to have a "token/pointer" color that has to be unique per character, and having that set separately from the die color. Just to avoid the "But *I* wanted the black dice!" whining...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galdor View Post
    I recently upgraded to FGU and I have the following issues for SWADE:

    3) Ammos are consumed also when the attack is re-rolled using a Benny: it's a bit annoying since the player must edit the ammo whenever it happens..
    I cannot reproduce this. Can you provide steps how to reproduce this?
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