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    I don't believe that is accurate. Please see the excerpt from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. Additionally, there is no experience table I can find for sidekicks. I am not trying to be argumentative, I just want to make sure I understand the RAW.


    "Leveling Up a Sidekick
    Whenever a group’s average level goes up, the sidekick gains a level. It doesn’t matter how much of the group’s recent adventures the sidekick experienced; the sidekick levels up because of a combination of the adventures it shared with the group and its own training."

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    Ah, yes you are correct. I clearly didn't read the stuff enough when I was developing it. I knew they levelled up and assumed they'd get xp as normal. My bad.

    Then my second suggestion is apposite - don't put the sidekicks on the Party sheet and they won't get any xp.
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    So far I have only used sidekicks in Dragon of Icespire Peak which I run as an alternate game when I don't have a quorum for my main game. That adventure uses milestone leveling, so XP distribution has not been an issue.

    As far as I have found, Tasha's sidekicks rules don't talk about giving XPs to the sidekicks (I might have missed it). They suggest that when the PCs level up, the sidekicks should level up. They also suggest that the sidekicks be the same level as the PCs. Both of those suggestions are ones I will ignore when it suits me. If I am using XP leveling and the sidekicks are the same level as the PCs, I would distribute XPs to the sidekicks.

    A lot of this will depend on how and why the sidekicks are traveling with the PCs. Are they hirelings being paid wages? Are they fellow adventurers getting full shares of loot?
    If you don't want to distribute XPs to the sidekicks, you can remove them from the Party Sheet, distribute the XPs and then add them back on. The same could be done if the sidekicks are not getting shares of loot.

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