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    Edge of Darkness formatting issues FGU

    I loaded up Edge of Darkness and found all the formatting is off in the story entries - I haven't checked the whole module for other such issues.


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    This is actually 7th edition of CoC but Edge of Darkness comes in the 6th CoC FG purchase.

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    Thank you for the report. We'll look it over and see what might be causing the issue.
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    It had to do with the way FGU preserves whitespace in XML to prevent some whitespace clipping that FGC used to do. However, we still need to remove extra whitespace somewhat like FGC in order to provide compatibility with the DLC catalog in all cases. The next release will be updated to support this updated whitespace handling for those DLC.


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    All the player handouts are formatted like this attached screenshot in Edge of Darkness.


    Extra spaces and carriage returns etc.

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    I note that Edge of Darkness when loaded does not show in the Library window.


    It is accessible in the Story, Images etc., just not from Library.

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