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    Movement/Actions question

    Could someone just clarify this rule for me please?

    Do most aliens really get to act twice in a combat round? For example two slow and two fast actions per round, if their speed is 2?
    That seems really bad news for the PCs!

    - Booker

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    Hey Booker. You are right, it is bad news for the PC's.
    With a speed of 2 they get two draws in the initiative count. So they might go at 3 and 7. Each count they can do a fast and slow or two fast actions per point of speed.
    So in theory, they can take one of their turns to run up to a poor Roughneck, crossing two zones, and then on their second turn, go into engaged range, then roll their custom attack table.
    They are absolutely deadly.

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    Yeah, deadly. Thank you. I thought I must have read it wrong.

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