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    In game calendar issues

    I'm using the default Golarion calendar that comes with Fantasy Grounds for my PFRPG2 game. The current year on the Golarion calendar is 4720 but mirrors 2020 of the Gregorian calendar. However the 1st day of the year 4720 is an Oathday (Thursday) but should be Wealday (Wednesday). So the whole year is one day off for me. Am I missing a step or is this a bug?
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    After further investigating I believe the issue is that is that the Golarion calendar is a DIRECT mirror of the Gregorian calendar including the year, i.e. the year is not offset to 4720. If I set the year to 2020 AR, the days of the week line up correctly. Is there anyway to have the correct Golarion year and the days of the week line up?

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    As a side note, I tested this issue in FGC and it persists. So it would seem to be an issue with the Calendar module. Would I need an .ext to correct the year or is this something that would need to be changed in the module?

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    Not currently. The Golarion calendar in the Calendars module uses the Gregorian lunar month and lunar day cycles.

    If someone were to write some functions that handle "Golarion" lunar month and day cycle calculations, I could include them in the custom calendar functions.

    function calcGolarionLunarDay(nYear, nMonth, nDay)
    return #DayOfWeek (1-7)

    function calcGolarionMonthVar(nYear, nMonth)
    return #DaysInMonth (28-31)


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