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    Awesome stuff.

    Is this on the github? I can't see it - probably me being blind...
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    Other than the link I pasted above, no.

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    Someone has made one for another VTT, IDK if that will help with getting it into FGU, but here is the link to the thread - http://forums.wolflair.com/showthread.php?t=65144
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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenan View Post
    I grabbed this one and modified it to work inside FG: https://github.com/rxi/json.lua
    What had to be modified to make it work?

    I understand that "require" is not available in FG Lua, so do you copy the whole library into your script?

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    The whole library is just a single LUA file. It had some executable code at the global scope that needed to be moved into onInit() and there were some other scoping issues that required some locals to be moved around.

    At this point it's unlikely I'll continue working on this. It's more involved than I want to commit to right now.

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    Thank you for trying, hopefully someone will be able to figure this out.

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