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    FG II: Trying to add rules modules.

    I've been re-implementing my SRD additions and have run into a some problems. I've duplicated the structures of classes, feats and spells to add psionic and epic rules to the library. I also modified the basic modules to add in npc and prestige classes. All my changes to the d20basicrules work like a charm. However, adding new modules hasn't been as successful.
    • epic classes work, but not epic prestige classes and epic feats
    • no psionic classes work, base or prestige, but feats and skills do
    • powers don't display, but do take up space and produce the following error when double-clicking where it should display
      • Script Error: [string "reference_powerlistitem:link"]:1: attempt to index a nil value
    I created a reference_powers.xml, reference_epicrules.xml and reference_psionicrules.xml and added them to the reference.xml. There isn't anything unique about the *rules.xml files, so I don't think they are necessary. My problems with classes and feats are an error on my part or possibly a tag size limit. The powers issue I haven't been able to track down.

    Also, how do I get d20 modules to show up in custom rulesets? Is it just a matter of adding a ruleset reference to the definition.xml or is there another way?

    One more thing. Why so limited on the rules provided. d20=SRD doesn't it? SRD includes core, psionic, epic, deity and Unearthed Arcana rules.

    Nevermind. Caught in the cut-and-paste trap. Discovered my errors. Everything working except the custom ruleset quandry.
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    Digital Adventures does a full d20 SRD modules for FG1. I believe they're working on the conversion to FG2 (due sometime later in the year).
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    Congratulations on finding the bug spliskamatyshak love to hear how the ruleset works out.
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    If you add this to your ruleset, it will allow you to open d20 modules.

    <acceptfrom ruleset="d20" />

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    Thank you, thank you.

    That makes life good.

    How about, now that I have these modules, getting the players access to actually look at the them. They show up in the module list, but they won't open.

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