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    Quote Originally Posted by Weissrolf View Post
    Virtual Table Tops are token based, it's part of their DNA.

    Token priority sorted by importance to game-play:

    1. Player character tokens (high strata).
    2. Non-player character tokens (should be medium strata, but currently are low).
    3. All other Asset tokens (should be low strata, but currently are medium).

    There is a clear and likely easy to solve conflict between NPC and Asset tokens. This bad design choice keeps me from using both your extension (which I bought) and most of my other bought token assets.

    I don't even want to guess how much you are spending on working around said design flaw when it's really just a simple question of sprite strata. Any layer based software can handle this better than FGU, even Word can handle it better than FGU. But if proper token handling is not a priority thing for SG, so be it.
    Yep I agree, it could do with been sorted. But after posting issue reports and direct messages over the last 18+ months ( By me and others ), we got the 4.10 update release which brought the FGC token order system into FGU and the spell templates onto the layer system for the dm. I see this as the dev team already looked/decided/fixed the issues that had been reported into how they wanted it to look.

    "You can use your tokens on the layer system", I suspect would be the FG dev team response.

    If the dev team did change the stack order, then next thing would be 'mask via LoS', and then selection only by that section. So it would go a lot deeper than just draw order. Which is why I suspect we are not getting a fix, that stuff is designed for the layer system....

    As I said, feel free to create new posts on the FGU general forum about token stack order showing issues in the main game(no extensions). This has a chance that another review of the stack order gets back into the bug list/items to look at. You can always post a wish list item on moon wizards page.

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    Thanks for all your work just getting us this far. I know it can be a hassle and at a certain point no longer wanting to mess with it.

    I do this sometimes where I'm just like "I will just work around it as the time saved the other way is not worth the time lost trying to get it changed/fixed".

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