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    Talking New Sci Fi Theme vs Alien Ruleset

    Fantasy Grounds Unity "Alien" Ruleset vs new Sci-Fi theme. These do not work well together. THe FG decals are off center and are layered 'above' the map layers for the desktop decal, so it floats. No extensions active.

    Photo attached

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    If the Alien ruleset overrides or replaces any of the desktop panels (like the decal panel); then there will be ordering problems. Since the Futuristic theme doesn't replace the panels, I'm going to move this to the Alien RPG forum, so that the Alien RPG DLC developers are aware.


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    In the description of the skin it is stated "officially released rulesets", but it does not seem to be tested on Alien (or Savage Worlds for example). In the attached screenshot I see few other issues such as missing library buttons (like PC Ship), push, quick mods and black font on black background and some big thing next to the chat box, that I don't know what it is, but it is taking too much screen space.

    In Alien I am using OptionsManager script to register all the decals and there is no override on panels from the CoreRPG (the problematic one seems to be desktopdecalpanel).

    I am not sure how I can help here - I am not author of the theme and I don't own it either. The code is in the SVN and if Joshua or someone from the SW tells me what kind of modification might be required on my side I can push it, but for now it is more work to be done on the Sci-Fi pack than on my end.
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    Let me dig in a little more. I just tried the base Alien ruleset without any extensions; and it appears that it does not have any anomalies that I could see like those you reported.


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    Ok, I recreated what you are seeing now; and found the offending theme extension code. I'll reach out to our theme developer to see what he was trying to implement, and get it smoothed out.


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    Yes, these issues have been identified and will be fixed on the next update. Thanks so much for reporting.

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