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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    I have fixed this bug!
    v1.17 has the fix.

    Thanks !!

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    Suggestions to implement. For effects placed on NPC:
    Would be great if we could get the following: (not fully automated, but it would help a lot)
    These suggestions would help in our adventures. A lot of NPC have sneak attack (and every monk has stunning fist )

    Sneak attack in their SA field as sneak attack +xd6, effect:
    Sneak attack; DMG: +xd6 precision (duration 1 round)

    Stunning fist in the SA field (and feats field). The duration is troublesome
    Fortitude save. Save 10+1/2 level + WIS. Effect: Stunned (duration 1 round)

    Trample in the SA field, effect;
    Reflex save half damage, 10+1/2 level + STR. Damage (noted in the entry, or better if it could be damage dice noted in the entry + 1,5 STR mod)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svandal View Post
    Suggestions to implement: sneak attack, stunning fist, trample
    Great suggestions, thanks.
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