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    Questions about Dice Rolling

    I'm fairly new at FG and getting me feet very. One question I did have, is there a way to make it so that when you roll the dice it automatically calcs it for you, vs. having to ad in your head, right click the equal sign over it, or pull the roll breakdown back into the chat?

    It is at all possible to make it read (eg) ? 15 + 5 = 20 automatically?

    Thanks for you help! So far I'm REALLY impressed with FG.

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    Not probably in the way you want it. FG splits the die roll from the mod so you can see what the die roll and mod was. On a practical level if you just want to see the total instead of doing the math in your head and you don't want to spam the chat - just drag the bubble out of chat and onto the desktop. The bubble will be converted to the total that you can see. You can then just drop the number on the desktop. This is actually very fast. You can also use the middle mouse button on the bubble to total it and show it without right clicking.

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