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Thread: How about...

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    How about...

    Something like a dating service. Only with players and GM's. No, no, nothing that kinky!

    More something like: Players simply fill in a few preferences in a "matching"-portion of their profile. Like, how much they rate roll-play, role-play, what setting they like best, what rule-set... and then you get results about what GM or player matches your particular kink best.

    I'll admit, even I am amazed at the silliness of the idea.

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    Sounds good!

    I think that would be a great idea!

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    Then I'd suggest "" which allready has such a service.

    - Obe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberoten
    Then I'd suggest "" which allready has such a service.

    - Obe

    Ah... Oberoten! You are a shrewd as they say then! One day... One day!

    Hmm, that wasn't really what I had in mind. It definetily does provide something similar, but it only lets you search on tags. That's more of a "yes-no" approach then an actual "pretty good match". That, and searching for "fantasy grounds" gives you a whole lot of pins without any more information then a name.

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