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    Indication when spending fortune points?

    I thought I posted this before, but I can not see it now.

    So, if I repeated myself..

    But, the question was..

    Is there a way for a player to indicate he is spending a fortune point with out it automatically adding the D20 to the dice pool? Maybe a second button that indicates a fortune point spend that does not add it to the dice pool can be added. As I really like the fact that it is captured in the chat window when the button is clicked.

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    I think you can just remove a counter from the character sheet by clicking it. However this does not indicate that fact in chat. The player would have to declare it. I haven't had an issue with it.
    You're asking that clicking those counters indicate that fact in chat then.

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    I've moved this to it's own discussion thread. This isn't a bug. We have a whole forum dedicated to Conan 2d20, let's try and keep the bug reporting thread for just reporting bugs please.
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