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    Rolling Dice without Graphics

    Is there a way to roll a dice in a script without the graphics in the chat window and get the result?
    Basically a function like this:
    local result = rolldice({'d6'})
    Thank you

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    either use the dice tower or maybe use

    local result = math.random(6);

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    The d6 was an example it should be more general. And I want it in a script not by dragging something into the tower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weltenbrand View Post
    And I want it in a script not by dragging something into the tower.
    So use math.random as mentioned by @damned.

    Or, for slightly more complex RPG type dice strings, use StringManager.evalDiceString(sDice, bAllowDice, bMaxDice) - this uses math.random to return the total of the dice string passed in the sDice variable. This function is in the CoreRPG ruleset (scripts\manager_string.lua file). And is used in some of the layered rulesets - search for StringManager.evalDiceString in rulesets for an example. To roll1d6 you'd use local nResult = StringManager.evalDiceString("1d6", true);
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    StringManager.evalDiceString(sDice, bAllowDice, bMaxDice)
    That is what I was looking for, thank you.

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