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    Interest check PFS2 SUN November 1st around 13.30 UTC

    Any interest in PFS2 on SUN November 1st around 13.30 UTC (check your UTC offset).


    Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-21: Mistress of the Maze (5-8) (might be better to schedule a bit earlier)


    Pathfinder Society Quest #3: Grehunde's Gorget (1-4)

    Pathfinder Society Quest #5: The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day (3-6)

    Pathfinder Society Quest #7: A Curious Claim (3-6)

    Pathfinder Society Quest #11: A Parchment Tree (1-4)

    Pathfinder Society Quest #12: Putrid Seeds (3-6)

    Pathfinder Society Quest #13: Falcons' Descent (1-4)

    Pathfinder Bounty #1: The Whitefang Wyrm (1)

    Pathfinder Bounty #2: Blood of the Beautiful (1)

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    Bruce and I would be up for any of them 1-21 would be our preference and we'd have to use pregens for Q5, Q7, and Q12 as we only have level 7 or level 1 characters right now

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