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    FGU- 5th edition conditional effects IF

    Hi everyone!

    I'm working on a curse effect for PC's. Essentially if they have any wounds, at the beginning of their turn they will take 1d4 of necrotic damage. So far I have the effect coded as below:

    IFT: Wounded; DMGO: 1d4 necrotic

    Whenever this PC's turn comes up in the combat tracker, I get a stack overflow error. I have the target set to self in the effects card, but this does not work with a regular IF statement either.

    Any advice? Or a better way to do this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I do not get any stack overflow error using that effect within my test campaign. Are you running any extensions?

    It should be "IF: Wounded; DMGO: 1d4 necrotic". The IFT conditional is for testing whether a target of the creature has an effect or type. In the case of ongoing effect checks, there is no target, only the source character.


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    Thanks for the tip on IFT vs IF . I tried the code both ways and I kept getting the error. It must have been due to another issue, though. After closing and relaunching FG and re-building the test encounter, it worked as expected. Thanks for the help!

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